Making A Difference

I have lived and worked in Mesquite for 15 years. I am a small business owner as well as a Police and School Volunteer. I am running for City Council to improve Workforce Housing, Education, Public Safety and Business conditions in Mesquite. With the recent COVID19 outbreak causing many folks to lose their income and businesses to close, the local economy has become the #1 issue for Mesquite.

As the General Manager of a tech startup company in the Silicon Valley, I led our company through the "Dot Com" market crash without laying off any employees. Our business remained steady. I started my own internet retail company in 2003. My wife and I purchased a home and moved to Mesquite in 2005, with the small business as our only source of income. Our business thrived through the "Great Recession" and is still going strong today.

With my background in running successful businesses, I believe I am clearly the best candidate to fill Mesquite City Council Seat 5 and help lead our community through these uncertain economic times. #VoteYesForWes