Proud to Endorse Annie Black for Congress!

As some of you may know, I was asked and agreed to endorse another candidate for Congressional District 4 last summer.  This was nearly 6 months before Annie Black announced her intent to run for CD4.  Once she announced, I knew she was the best choice, but un-endorsing a candidate is not something I take lightly.

With the recent attack mailer from this candidate, full of misinformation regarding Annie Black's record, I had a decision to make. Do I support a campaign pushing falsehoods as facts and trading integrity for political soundbites; or do I stand up and say enough is enough?  The choice was easy!

Not only does Annie Black talk the talk, but she walks the walk.  Unlike many politicians, Annie choses to do what's right, over what's easy.  She chooses principles over political expediency!  And so do I!

She stood up for law enforcement as a City Councilwoman, and stood against mandates as an Assemblywoman!

I am excited to endorse Annie Black for Congress!