Who is Wes Boger?

Hi! I am Wes Boger. I am running for Mesquite City Council Seat #5.

A vote for me is a vote for economic recovery, education, public safety, and workforce housing.

After working my way from my first full time job as a two-way radio installer for Eden Communications in the Salinas Valley, to the general manager of Vena Engineering, a tech manufacturing start up company in the Silicon Valley, my wife and I decided to leave the big city life (and commute!) and move to Mesquite in 2005.

It didn't take us long to fall in love with Mesquite, it's people, it's small town feel, the schools, and the community! Mesquite is home!

I feel it is my civic duty to serve Mesquite in any way I can. I have volunteered at Virgin Valley Elementary for several years, currently serve on the Virgin Valley Community Education Advisory Board (CEAB)Mesquite City Charter Committee, Mesquite Police Watchdog Volunteer program, and was recently a Mesquite Crossing Guard - all while running my own internet retail business, Liberty Time LLC!

Some of my experience in small business includes leading our tech company through the "Dot Com Crash" without losing any employees or going into debt. Not long after moving to Mesquite, my internet retail business thrived during the 2008 "Great Recession". I believe my experience in small business is an asset dealing with the latest economic crisis.

I know how to get things done and make a difference in the community we share!