About Me

Hi!  I am Wes Boger.  I am running for re-election to Mesquite City Council Seat #5.  A vote for me is a vote for public safety, business & economic development, education, &  housing availability. 

After working my way from a two-way radio installer in the Salinas Valley, to the general manager of a high-tech start-up in the Silicon Valley, my wife and I decided to leave the big city life and move to Mesquite in 2005.

It didn't take us long to fall in love with Mesquite, the people, its small-town feel, the schools, and the strong sense of community! We have been full-time residents ever since!  We now have 2 sons who have never lived anywhere but Mesquite. Mesquite is home!

I feel it is my civic duty to serve Mesquite in any way I can. Over the years I have volunteered at Virgin Valley Elementary School and was elected by parents to their School Organizational Team (SOT).  I was also appointed to Mesquite's City Charter Committee.  In 2019, I was asked to help constitute a new program for the Mesquite Police Volunteers called "Project Watchdog".  This program gives PD a presence at V.V.E.S.  I was selected by the Virgin Valley Community Education Advisory Board (CEAB) to become an At Large member, before being elected to Mesquite City Council in 2020.  I currently serve on the Virgin Valley Community Education Advisory Board (CEAB) as an Ex-Officio member.  Finally, I served as Mayor Pro-Tem in 2023 until March of 2024. 

Some of the highlights during my first term on the City Council include:
  • Working to ensure each public school in Mesquite has a dedicated School Resource Officer
  • Relocating new fire station on Mesquite Blvd to enhance downtown Mesquite
  • Collaboration with staff and site selector to bring an aluminum can manufacturing facility to Mesquite
  • Working with local developers to build more housing options for our workforce
  • Instituting a policy to provide City volunteers with memberships to the Mesquite Recreation Center as a token of appreciation for their contributions to the City
  • Spearheading the creation of a new Redevelopment Agency ("RDA2.0") to replace the existing program that expires soon
  • Initiating the process for the City of Mesquite to have its own radio station to provide public safety updates, and community notices & programming.  We expect this to be on the air in 2025.
I know how to get things done and make a difference in the community we share!