It is in Mesquite's best interest to improve our four local schools on many levels.  Along with workforce housing, business climate and public safety, education is a very important factor considered by companies looking to start or relocate a business.
Education is extremely important to me personally.  I have served our local schools in many roles, including:
  • Virgin Valley Elementary School Volunteer 2014-2019
  • VVES SOT (School Organizational Team) Member 2016-2019
  • Hughes Middle School Parent Advisory Committee Member 2019-present
  • Virgin Valley CEAB (Community Education Advisory Board) Member 2019-present
It pains me to report Nevada historically ranks at the bottom when it comes to aspects like High School Graduation Rates, Preschool Enrollment, and Reading and Math Assessments.  In fact, the latest ranking from US News & World Report puts us at #48 of 50.  Mesquite is in the 5th largest school district in the nation, Clark County School District, with headquarters nearly 100 miles away.  Our roughly 2,500 K-12 rural students are funded using the same formula as the roughly 325,000 students in the district.  Other rural schools are funded much higher per student.  It is not uncommon for elementary students to be in a classroom with 40+ other students!  This is unacceptable!

As a Mesquite City Councilman, I will lobby for Mesquite schools to be considered "rural" by the Nevada Dept of Education, resulting in more funding for our schools, and lower student/teacher ratios.