Public Safety

The safety of ALL of our citizens has always been my #1 Priority!

In 2019 I was asked by our then interim Police Chief MaQuade Chesley to help constitute a special division of the Mesquite Police Volunteers called "Project Watchdog". Since then, the 3 of us have donated several thousand hours to help protect our students.

Before I was elected to the City Council in 2020, the City had frozen the hiring of police officers. This included open positions that needed to be filled. One of the first things we did was allow the Mesquite Police Dept to hire officers to fill those positions. Furthermore, we have opened and filled new positions over the last few years to allow more proactive policing in the City!

As of now, Mesquite, Nevada has been rated the "Safest City in Nevada" based on our low crime rates according to a study by Safe Wise.  (Congratulations Mesquite Police Dept!)

In 2021, we also increased the number of Mesquite Fire Rescue's EMS responders due to increased call volumes as well as an effort to decrease response times. Using Federal funds, we are finally replacing a dilapidated Fire Station behind City Hall with a new state-of-the-art station on Mesquite Blvd that should be in service by January 2025. We are also working to secure funds for a new Fire Station near Sun City & Canyon Crest on the north side of the freeway!

I have also been working with Mesquite Fire Rescue Chief Jayson Andrus and other City employees to deploy a new radio station for Mesquite.  The purpose is to provide timely public safety and emergency updates.  This is especially critical when there are power and internet disruptions that also affect cell phone connectivity.  We expect to have this on the air in late 2025.

Finally, after the unspeakable tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas I had to figure out what we could do in Mesquite to be proactive to reduce the likelihood of that happening here. I worked with MPD Chief Chesley to open a full-time School Resource Officer at our elementary school. We may be the ONLY city with an SRO stationed at an elementary school. We now have a School Resource Officer at each of the three schools in Mesquite.

All of this is WITHOUT voting to raise taxes!

As a City Councilman, I will continue to work to not only maintain our reputation, but to improve it by giving Mesquite Fire Rescue and Mesquite Police Department the personnel, training, and equipment they need to succeed and continue to keep our city safe!