Housing that makes sense

The July 26th Regular City Council Meeting was one of the longest we've had since I was elected to serve the citizens of Mesquite.  A contentious item was on the Agenda for a new development located at the southwest corner of Falcon Ridge Parkway and Hardy Way.  The item consisted of an out of town developer who is seeking funding from the County government to build income restricted, or "affordable" apartments.  As we've seen housing costs increase averaging close to double the costs in 2020, pricing many in the service industry out of the market, this concept is well needed in Mesquite.  The Agenda item was limited to Council accepting the developer's presentation, AND, most importantly, directing Staff to draft an agreement giving the developer sole option to buy for the next 90 days. However, I was the sole vote against this for several reasons.  Probably the biggest reason I voted against this is the location of the development.  The City-owned parcel in ques

Mesquite Skatepark

On next week's city council meeting agenda, we will be discussing a skate/bike/scooter park of our own, right here in Mesquite.  The proposed project would be funded by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Special shout out to the scouts who brought this idea forward at a Council meeting several months ago.  And thank you to Nick Montoya and Travis Anderson with the City of Mesquite for their expeditious efforts getting us to this point! Here is some information on the skatepark in Kanab, UT. Kanab, UT Kanab, UT Kanab, UT

Standing Ovation for Local Hero

 Standing ovation for this hero last night at City Council Meeting. From Mike Benham: "In the virgin river cafe, a guy was choking by the time I got to him jeff had started the Heimlich maneuver and was successful in his effort I contacted chief Andrus about giving this award to jeff well deserved. Mesquite has a new hero Jeff Frazier" Well done Mr Frazier! Thank you Mike Benham and Chief Andrus for recognizing this young man.

Officially sworn in

 After some delay, I have been officially sworn in! 2018 was the first election year in Mesquite since Mesquite had a Charter. The Charter does not address when newly elected officials are sworn in. However, precedent was set in 2018 when newly elected Councilors were sworn in at City Hall before the first Tech Review meeting in December. However, this was impossible this year, 2020, as there were not enough members of Council to hold the Tech Review meeting as scheduled. Councilors Rapson and Wursten did not attend, and the seat vacated by newly elected Assemblywoman Black was still vacant. Nonetheless, after conferring with legal counsel, I was determined to be sure City Hall knew they were obligated to seat the newest elected Councilor. It was an honor to have my family with me, and to be there for the swearing in of Mayor Litman's new term. You can read more about it in this article from our local newspaper, The Progress:

AnniePAC Endorsement

Thank you Councilwoman and Nevada Assemblywoman-Elect Annie Black for your support and endorsement! “Wes is a conservative small businessman with experience in creating private sector jobs who’s also been extremely involved in our local schools and has the support of our law enforcement officers. “Our community will be well-served having Wes represent us on the council,” Black concluded, “and AnniePAC is proud to offer him our endorsement.” AnniePAC supports conservatives in key elections throughout Nevada. For more information, go to: #VoteYesForWes

Protect Our Police PAC Endorsement

Proud to announce I have received the endorsement of Protect Our Police PAC.  This nationwide PAC announced their initial endorsements today.  I am one of just 40 candidates across the nation they chose to endorse in their initial round of endorsement.  Thank you Mr Gerace, Protect Our Police, and each donor for your support!  I am truly humbled!  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 22, 2020 Contact: Nick Gerace (267) 571-7114 Protect Our Police PAC Announces 2020 Endorsed Candidates; Announces $250k+ Candidate Fund PAC founded by retired Philadelphia Police endorses pro-law & order leaders in nationwide races from City Council up to Governor (Philadelphia, PA) -- Today, Protect Our Police PAC announced it’s first-ever slate of endorsed candidates ahead of the November 3rd election. POP PAC is endorsing more than 40 candidates nationwide running for public office in the upcoming election for positions including Governor, State Representative, Senate Senat

Nevada Veterans Association Endorsement

  Excited and very proud to announce the endorsement of Nevada Veterans Association! Thank you for your support! More importantly, thank you for your service! Founded by a veteran of the US Navy, The Nevada Veterans Association is a PAC dedicated to providing a voice for over 200,000 vets here in Nevada, including advocating for mental health, housing, and employment for those who selflessly served our country. Thank you Donna Lee and NVA PAC for seeing a need in the community, and doing your best to find solutions! #VoteYesForWes

Mesquite Police Officers' Association

Extremely humbled and proud to have the support and endorsement of the Mesquite Police Officers' Association!  In an unprecedented move, MPOA has endorsed a candidate in the Mayor's race, as well as the City Council race. "As President of the Mesquite Police Officers' Association, I am honored to speak for our organization and submit our endorsement for Wes Boger Mesquite City Council Seat 5 President Lawrence Stewart Mesquite Police Officers' Association" #VoteYesForWes

Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC Endorsement

Thank you Sam Peters and Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC for your endorsement and support! "Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC has vetted numerous candidates for endorsement based on a survey questionnaire, interview, and record supporting police. We will be releasing these endorsements over the next 10 days. Tonight we highlight Wes Boger - Endorsed for City Council Seat 5, Mesquite, Nevada. Go get 'em Wes!" #VoteYesForWes


Proud to have the endorsement of Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers ! "Our endorsement is based upon your dedication to the principles of public safety, your respect for law enforcement, and your fiscal responsibility to your community." Thank you NAPSO! #VoteYesForWes