AnniePAC Endorsement

Thank you Councilwoman and Nevada Assemblywoman-Elect Annie Black for your support and endorsement!
“Wes is a conservative small businessman with experience in creating private sector jobs who’s also been extremely involved in our local schools and has the support of our law enforcement officers.“Our community will be well-served having Wes represent us on the council,” Black concluded, “and AnniePAC is proud to offer him our endorsement.”AnniePAC supports conservatives in key elections throughout Nevada. For more information, go to:

Protect Our Police PAC Endorsement

Proud to announce I have received the endorsement of Protect Our Police PAC.  This nationwide PAC announced their initial endorsements today.  I am one of just 40 candidates across the nation they chose to endorse in their initial round of endorsement.  Thank you Mr Gerace, Protect Our Police, and each donor for your support!  I am truly humbled! 

September 22, 2020
Contact: Nick Gerace(267)
Protect Our Police PAC Announces 2020 Endorsed Candidates; Announces $250k+ Candidate FundPAC founded by retired Philadelphia Police endorses pro-law & order leaders in nationwide races from City Council up to Governor
(Philadelphia, PA) -- Today, Protect Our Police PAC announced it’s first-ever slate of endorsed candidates ahead of the November 3rd election. POP PAC is endorsing more than 40 candidates nationwide running for public office in the upcoming election for positions including Governor, State Representative, Senate Senator, Att…

Nevada Veterans Association Endorsement

Excited and very proud to announce the endorsement of Nevada Veterans Association!
Thank you for your support! More importantly, thank you for your service!

Founded by a veteran of the US Navy, The Nevada Veterans Association is a PAC dedicated to providing a voice for over 200,000 vets here in Nevada, including advocating for mental health, housing, and employment for those who selflessly served our country. Thank you Donna Lee and NVA PAC for seeing a need in the community, and doing your best to find solutions!


Mesquite Police Officers' Association

Extremely humbled and proud to have the support and endorsement of the Mesquite Police Officers' Association!  In an unprecedented move, MPOA has endorsed a candidate in the Mayor's race, as well as the City Council race.

"As President of the Mesquite Police Officers' Association, I am honored to speak for our organization and submit our endorsement for Wes Boger Mesquite City Council Seat 5

President Lawrence Stewart
Mesquite Police Officers' Association"


Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC Endorsement

Thank you Sam Peters and Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC for your endorsement and support!

"Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC has vetted numerous candidates for endorsement based on a survey questionnaire, interview, and record supporting police. We will be releasing these endorsements over the next 10 days.
Tonight we highlight Wes Boger - Endorsed for City Council Seat 5, Mesquite, Nevada. Go get 'em Wes!"


Proud to have the endorsement of Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers!"Our endorsement is based upon your dedication to the principles of public safety, your respect for law enforcement, and your fiscal responsibility to your community."Thank you NAPSO!


Primary Victory

Hi I'm Wes Boger, Mesquite City Council Seat 5 Candidate.

I am VERY excited to announce WE have made it through the Primary!

I would like to congratulate Karen Fielding on making it through the Primary for Seat 5.  We'll be facing off in November.

Would like to congratulate Brian Wursten on winning Mesquite City Council Seat 2.

I'd like to mention the candidates who did not make it through.
Ronnie Skurow
Karen Dutkowski
Steven Lisk
Paul Wanless

They are all great strong candidates.  Was great to get to know them a bit during this wacky social distancing lock down campaign!.  All brought up great ideas during campaign and I am looking forward to working with them to make Mesquite the best it can be!

We live in a very involved community.  There were over 6000 Mesquite voters that took part in the Primary!

Finally to those who have helped so far to support this campaign - donating time, money, advice, expertise and encouragement - THANK YOU!

If you'd like to help the cam…

This is Wes

If there is only ONE 3 minute video I would implore any potential voter to watch before casting their vote, it is this:


Candidate Forum May 14 2020

Questions answered from May 14, 2020 Candidate Forum

Wes Boger Mesquite City Council

"Please support Wes Boger for Mesquite City Council.
A vote for Wes is a vote for economic recovery, education, public safety, and workforce housing.

As the General Manager of a Silicon Valley start-up company, he successfully led the company through the "Dot Com Crash". Not long after relocating to Mesquite in 2005, his internet retail business thrived during the "Great Recession".

Wes is a member of the Mesquite Charter Committee, as well as the Virgin Valley Community Education Advisory Board (CEAB). In early 2019, he was selected by the Chief of Police to lead a new police volunteer program, "Project Watchdog".

Wes's unwavering integrity, business experience, and strong commitment to our community makes him the best choice for Mesquite City Council Seat #5."