Business & Economy

Years of an economic boom, bull market on Wall Street, increasingly low unemployment, higher wages, etc came to an abrupt end in March of 2020.  The COVID19 Coronavirus started to heavily weigh on Wall Street in early March.  A few short weeks later (as of the time of this writing), the stock market has lost over 33%.  On March 15th Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced school closures and the "Stay At Home Nevada" motto in order to curb the spread of the deadly virus.  This effectively closed most businesses - including all dine in restaurants and casinos - forcing many residents of our community to lose their jobs.
In Mesquite, the Spring season accounts for a large percentage (as much as 60%) of the revenue generated by golf courses, casinos, restaurants, etc.  This jump gets us through the summer months, when many snow birds leave the hot temperatures, and tourism is nearly non-existent.  Many of our businesses that have closed due to the minimum 30 day shutdown over virus concerns, may not see a profit until Fall, or may not reopen at all.
While State and Federal governments have introduced economic stimulus and relief, I feel it is important for Mesquite to do more.  All options should be on the table.  We are all in this together.  We have no idea how long this unforeseen and unprecedented disruption will last.  But if the history of how Mesquite's community pulls together when we have a crisis is any indication of the future, we will get through this.  We are "Mesquite Strong!"

Going forward, we should be looking at ways to diversify our local economy.  This is a lesson learned in the last economic downturn. We are dependant almost solely on tourism.  Nevada has a great business climate. We should be actively pursuing more distribution, industrial and manufacturing businesses to come to Mesquite!